Correctica catches what spell checkers, grammar checkers, and human editors miss.

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What is Correctica?

Correctica is powerful new tool that finds errors spell checkers and grammar checkers miss. What kinds of errors are these? They are usually phrases where each word may be spelled correctly, but the phrase is actually wrong. For instance, the phrase "sneak peak" is incorrect because a "peak" with that spelling is the top of a mountain whereas a "peek" is a quick look. So, we can flag "sneak peak" and replace it with "sneak peek."

Beyond that, there are compounds like "firefly." When written as "fire fly" this is incorrect, but a spell checker would never know. There are also phrases that are often used incorrectly, such as "I couldn't care less." This is the correct phrase because you are saying it is impossible for you to care any less than you do. The incorrect phrase, "I could care less," actually means you do care! This phrase is one of the few where the incorrect version appears online seven times more often than the correct version.

Altogether, we have identified 254,000 of these errors. They creep in everywhere because they are so hard to detect. The CDC has them on their website. Harvard has more than a few. The New York Times has many of them. These are fine and prestigious brands, and we don't call them out to make fun of them but to show just how hard it is to get this all right.

And yet, getting it right matters. Search engines notice these mistakes, and they reflect on the quality of your site. Users notice them as well,and draw conclusions about your content accordingly. Our service finds them on your website, so you can fix them. Try it! Either enter your URL above or click on "Proof it Free" to try it on some text you copy and paste into our site.

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